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Bar Code Printing Sales Opportunities: Strong In 2008

So, bar code printers aren’t as exciting as video surveillance or digital signage, but that doesn’t mean that bar code printers aren’t still providing lucrative sales opportunities for VARs. Vertical markets such as supply chain, retail, and healthcare are still the top markets for bar code printer sales. However, three industry experts (Angela Mansfield-Swanson, director of corporate marketing for Cognitive/Transaction Printer Group; David Lundeen, VP of sales and marketing for TSC America, Inc.; and Jeff Jackman, national sales manager for Toshiba TEC) recently offered their thoughts on new opportunities that VARs may want to consider to boost printer sales.

Maybe you don’t care to get into the medical vertical. Perhaps your specialty is manufacturing. “If that’s the case, why not take a hard look at your vertical specialty to see if you can develop a solution for that market?” asks Lundeen. “For instance, most manufacturing companies move products through a work in process [WIP] cycle. If your customers aren’t using bar code printers and readers to assist in that process, perhaps you can show them how. Our VARs are seeing sales growth for events and promotions customers. In many cases, they use color label printers to produce wrist bands, tickets, or labels.” Other markets such as the quick lube oil change industry have a need for bar code and receipt printers as well. ISVs may also want to consider designing applications to utilize bar code equipment in new markets.

According to Lundeen, it’s not necessary to have a lot of vertical expertise to put together a bar code printer solution. “All you really need is the desire to get into that market,” he says. “Once a VAR understands how the printer works, it’s easy to adapt it to different applications.”