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SMBs Ripe For Desktop Printers

Increase Your Margins With Additional Services

The prices of desktop bar code printers are falling, but beware of how low prices can hurt you. “Customers are expecting faster, more reliable printers for less money than they would have paid in the past,” says David Lundeen, VP of marketing for printer manufacturer TSC America, Inc. “VARs have to meet these needs while maintaining a comfortable profit margin.” Luckily, good VARs can turn a profit margin by offering services that justify an increased price. SMBs don’t have sophisticated IT departments — if they have them at all — and they’ll rely on VARs to help with choosing, installing, and maintaining printing solutions. You can step in and offer service contracts, software integration, and customization. Keep in mind that your customers can easily check the prices of products online, so be sure you can back up the value-added services you’re providing. “The most common mistake VARs can make is lack of follow-up for after-sales service and support,” says Lundeen. “You need to be a solutions seller, rather than a box mover.”