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High-volume fruit cooperative keeps track of products by using TSC's portable Alpha-3R

Market: Food, Wholesale and Retail
Application: Labeling of Fruit Packaging, Crates and Pallets
Model: Alpha-3R


Every day fruit growers in the region deliver fresh products to the producer’s cooperative. There, the berry fruits, stone fruits and pome fruits undergo a thorough check, are sorted and labeled. Then the entire flow of goods are bundled, sales orders are picked and the delicate goods are loaded on modern refrigerated vehicles. As a rule, the products are in retail stores within 24 hours after having been harvested.

An enormous amount of data has to be processed by the ERP system in a very short time, given the large number of different products and suppliers, the numerous collection points and operating sites, and the speed with which products are handled. To achieve clear identification of goods, and maintain continuous transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, this process requires powerful, mobile printers that are battery-powered and not dependent on a system.

A total of 39 portable Alpha-3R printers are used at OGM Obstgrossmarkt Mittelbaden eG to print duplicate barcodes and labels directly at the fruit crates and pallets in the warehouses and open spaces. This means that employees generate labels when and where they are needed. This procedure guarantees that the proper codes are generated and the goods are labeled correctly. The labels contain all the necessary information, including supplier number, lot number and two-dimensional data-matrix-codes. It is essential that the printers are fully functional during hours of operation and that all the necessary data are available at all times.

• Printing of product labels precisely fitting the requirements
• Fast duplication of barcodes
• Transparent processes
• Traceability throughout the complete supply chain

Alpha-3R Features:
Alpha-3R is a comfortable, light-weight printer capable of handling any mobile printing application requiring the fast production of simple receipts or selected labels on demand. The Alpha-3R’s sturdy IP54-rated protective case is designed to resist dust and water and features a rubber over-mold design that can withstand up to a five foot fall and keep printing.

The Alpha-3R offers USB, or optional 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless, Serial and Bluetooth® connectivity, enabling it to connect to a mobile computer or a smart phone and produce clear easy-to-read receipts or selected labels hour after hour. It also offers an industry-best two-year limited warranty