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Standalone bar code solution earns healthcare industry praise

Columbus Ohio-based Mid-America Business Systems is a value-added reseller that caters to the lucrative healthcare market with a standalone bar code solution, called Patient ID XPress. The result of a one-year development effort, the innovative Patient ID XPress firmware and software resides on customized TSC Auto ID Technology printers and Datalogic scanners.


Using Patient ID XPress, hospitals can retrieve information, generate patient wristbands and produce bar code labels for variety of healthcare applications.  The standalone bar-coding and scanning system is easy to set up & use and there is no need for IT intervention – an advantage that hospitals find very attractive.

TSC worked closely with Mid-America on improvements to Patient ID XPress during its development.  Since its launch, the high-reliability standalone solution has earned a warm reception from hospitals across the country. Because the Patient ID XPress label firmware and software resides on the device itself, and not on a network, nurses, lab workers and other personnel can generate labels even if the hospital network goes down. There’s no need to worry about untimely work stoppages or slowdowns.

Mid-America uses the TSC-M23 portable direct thermal printer, the TTP-2410M bar code printer and the TTP-245 Plus desktop printer – all branded with the Mid-America name.  TSC’s broad family of printers allows the company to address a wide variety of applications, including wristband and specimen-label printing.

“The range of TSC products allows us to create a variety of solutions – from remote bedside printing and printing from carts to heavy-duty printing from a workstation,” says Mid-America partner Jim Scheid.

Besides making money from printer sales, Mid-American earns 35 percent of its income from follow-on sales of supplies such as ribbons and other media.  Orders for supplies are placed as frequently as every week by hospital customers, providing the company with a second profitable revenue stream.