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The Vertical Market Gamble

The Vertical Market Gamble interviews our hard-working partner at Paragon Print Systems, Bob Hess. In the interview Bob talks about the various markets the pursue including government, law enforcement, and other niche markets


The sidebar to the article discusses using TSC's industrial printers to create a stand-alone printing solution at a roofing manufacturer. Paragon worked with TSC to write a program that allows employees to scan a bar code which triggers the printing of a label in the correct format. At the end of an employee's shift, another bar code is scanned which directs the printer to generate a productivity report including the number of products shipped. Finally, Paragon included a function where employees can scan a bar code that resets the productivity report counter for the next shift.

"This project shows the capabilities and power of TSC printers," says Hess. "Creating software to run on a stand-alone printer — removing PCs from a solution — can dramatically reduce costs and redundancy."