Modernize and streamline your agency operations


Asset tracking, records/evidences/files management, specimen labeling, law enforcement, restricted-area access, and traffic and parking ticketing.


TSC offers a selection of bar code label products that are ideally suited for public safety and security applications, including evidence management, records administration, access control and traffic ticketing.


Using our desktop and mobile printers, you can improve security and traffic enforcement, keep better track of evidence, and modernize record-keeping functions, saving time and money.


Our bar code printers will help you improve accuracy when issuing permits, licenses or traffic citations. They also provide you with a reliable desktop platform for creating secure IDs for better building security.  And they are perfect for creating drivers licenses, voter ID cards, healthcare cards, military IDs, and other forms of identification.


Using TSC mobile printers, parking and code enforcement personnel can enter and verify data quickly, eliminating error-prone manual processes.  Or you can use our versatile desktop printers to expedite evidence labeling, identification, and movements & transfers.


With TSC bar code printers at your disposal, you can cost-effectively modernize and streamline your operations, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of your workforce – both in the office and out in the field.