Maximize the efficiency and revenue of your postal operations


Parcel labeling, receipt printing, document management, and mailing label/postage mark printing.


With the help of TSC high-performance bar code printers, postal services can keep their manual handling of packages and letters to a minimum, resulting in significant labor savings – a critical need in today’s increasingly competitive parcel-delivery industry.


Post offices can use our small-footprint desktop printers to create delivery labels, counter receipts, postage marks, tracking labels and other items. During peak periods, our mobile printers can be used in tandem with portable data collectors to process packages and shorten customer queues.


With bar-coded labels, you can ensure that mail is identified accurately as it transits through sorting and delivery. The use of bar codes also reduces costly manual handling, preventing mis-sorts that frequently occur with less accurate character-recognition systems.


You can also use our desktop label printers to create postage marks, indicia, security symbols and other special marks, which provide a more functional, secure alternative to traditional stamps.


TSC label printers are a great investment for postal and parcel operators who want to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create additional sources of revenue in an increasingly competitive marketplace.