High-performance signage solutions you can identify with


Compliance labels, sign labels, drum labels, pallet labels, multi-up labels (two or three labels across) and brand marketing


TSC offers a selection of versatile bar code printers that is perfectly tailored for a wide variety of signage applications – everything from compliance labeling, brand marketing and warning signs to drum labeling and rack storage signs for inventory control.


Our wide-format TTP-384M, for example, is a great choice for printing safety signs (e.g. prohibition, warning, fire and safe conditions), signs for buildings such as directories, directional signs, doorplates, display boards, notices, and panels and traffic signs. The TTP-384M also can be used for printing signage for equipment, instruction, voltage or electrical warning and rating-plate labels.


We also have high-performance printers that are ideally suited for generating product-branding labels, so you can reinforce your brand image and create more sales opportunities.


In addition, you’ll find a TSC printer that can handle any compliance labeling requirements – for industries ranging from automotive, aerospace and defense to retail, food and chemicals.  We can meet all your compliance needs with a variety of label solutions, including linear bar code labels with reduced-space symbology, and two-dimensional bar codes.


And we offer rugged, high-performance printers that are perfect for generating warehouse-identification signage, including signs, labels, and tags for use on  racks, aisles, bins, trays, cages and pallets.