Maximize returns on your retail operations


Point of sale, shelf labeling, product marking, price tag printing and receipt/coupon printing.


TSC offers a line of bar code printers that are ideally suited for retail applications, including point-of-sale, shelf labeling, product marking and price-tag printing.


Our products are designed with one purpose in mind:  to help you run your store faster and more efficiently, while boosting employee productivity, increasing margins through lower costs, and delivering topnotch customer service.


TSC feature-rich printers are known for their ruggedness, dependability and ease of use.  With our hand-held mobile platforms, you can make pricing changes quickly and easily, verify the accuracy of shelf labels, and print labels on demand, eliminating costly errors and mix-ups at the checkout counter.


No matter what price-performance platform you choose, TSC printers will help expedite the printing of mark-down stickers and merchandise tags on the sales floor, while eliminating overstocked inventories – and time spent re-pricing – through improved SKU management.


With a versatile TSC printer at your command, you can manage not only merchandise and shelve pricing, but also back office and supply-chain functions. In the end, you’ll reduce pricing and stocking errors, lower labor costs and improve your customers’ shopping experience.


Whatever your merchandise needs, TSC can supply you with a full line of rugged, dependable printers that will last for years, improving your store operations and maximizing your return on investment.