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KP-200 Plus

With the TSC™ KP-200 Plus keyboard, users can retrieve forms stored in a printer and enter variable data prior to printing labels. Read more >

Model Keyboard LCD Display Serial Interface
KP-200 Plus 68 Keys 20 characters X 2 lines COM1: 9 pins, baud rate 9600 bps,male Dsub with cable
COM2: 9 pins, baud rate 4800 bps,female Dsub
Accessory Keyboard KP-200 Plus

KU-007 Plus

The TSC™ KU-007 Plus programmable smart keyboard works as a small portable PC, enabling users to communicate with a wide variety of bar code printers, while conserving valuable work space. Read more >

Model Keyboard LCD Display Memory Firmware
KU-007 Plus 68 Keys Graphic Type 2 MB Flash 256 KB SRAM Built-in BASIC-like language
Accessory Keyboard KU-007 Plus

Care Label Cutter

This affordable new care label cutter, which works with any TSC TTP-2410MT Series industrial label printer, is designed to print and continuously cut garment industry customer care labels at a high rate of speed. Read more >

Model Max. Cut Speed
Max. Cut Width Min. Cut Width Min. Cut Length Max. Cut Thickness
Care Label Cutter 2 cuts/sec 2.76" 1" 1.18" 0.15 mm