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KU-007 Plus

Programmable Smart Keyboard


The TSC™ KU-007 Plus programmable smart keyboard works as a small portable PC, enabling users to communicate with a wide variety of bar code printers, while conserving valuable work space.


The KU-007 Plus can be used to upload or download files or connect an external device such as a CCD scanner to its RS-232 port. By accessing files in the keyboard’s Flash memory, a user can generate label formats through an easy-to-use BASIC-like language interpreter, instantly building a stand-alone printing system.

Model Keyboard LCD Display Memory Firmware
KU-007 Plus 68 Keys Graphic Type 2 MB Flash 256 KB SRAM Built-in BASIC-like language
Accessory Keyboard KU-007 Plus
  • Key Features
    • 2 MB Flash and 256 KB SRAM memory
    • LCD display panel (graphic type)
    • Built-in BASIC-like language interpreter
    • Real-time-clock
    • Password locking for security
    • Built-in EURO currency logo
    • 6-digit floating-point calculation
    • Optional keypad membrane
  • Applications
    • Retail
    • Transportation
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Logistics
    • Entertainment & hospitality
    • Government
    • Postal/ parcel
    • Custom signage