• TDP-244
  • TDP-244
  • TDP-244
  • TDP-244
General Industry
Warehouse & LogisticsWarehouse & Logistics


  • High quality double-walled clamshell design
  • Easy media loading
  • Head open sensor
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB Flash memory
  • Standard industry emulations right out of the box including Eltron© and Zebra©

TSC is pleased to introduce the TDP-244 direct thermal desktop printer.  In typical TSC fashion, the TDP-244 offers a perfect combination of ultra low cost with a durable and reliable design. 

TSC has been leading the way in 4" direct thermal desktop printers since the introduction of its best selling TDP-245 model in 2002.  The TDP-244 is a new economy version of the proven TDP-245 architecture which has an installed base of over 100,000 printers.  

The new TDP-244 printer features 203 DPI resolution, print speeds up to 4 inches per second and high speed USB 2.0 connectivity.  Its large 60 watt power supply produces high quality printed labels.

The TDP-244 is an ideal printer for product marking, shipping, retail and other labeling applications at the best price anywhere.  For easy loading, the TDP-244 employs a user-friendly double-wall clamshell design with a large five-inch (outside diameter) center-biased media bay.  Top-of-form sensing – by gap, black mark, or notch – is standard and completely adjustable from side to side.  It also comes with a head-open sensor. 

The TDP-244 has plenty of memory with 8MB DRAM and 4 MB FLASH that can be used for easy storage of fonts, international character sets and graphics, and it supports, "right out of the box," a fully compatible set of standard industry emulations, including Eltron® and Zebra® languages, making it easy to replace old installed hardware.

  • Small Office or Home Office Mailing
  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Product Marking
  • Shipping
  • File Folder Labeling
  • Retail Point-of-Sale
  • Shelf Labeling
  • Healthcare Specimen Labeling
External roll mount (user option)-TX200, TTP-247, TC, TTP-244CE, TTP-244 PRO, TA210, TE200, TTP-243E PRO, TDP-247, TDP-244, DA200, DA210

External roll mount


3” core label spindle

Peel-off module (dealer option) -TDP-244

Peel-off module

Guillotine cutter (full cut or partial cut) (dealer option)  -TDP-244

Guillotine cutter (full cut or partial cut)