Compact design of TDP-225W wristband printer makes it ideal for event ticketing, access control

Admission wristbands_TDP-225W


Wristband ticket printing in southeast market



The compact TDP-225W printer is ideal for printing admission wristbands for sports and entertainment events. It also can be configured to add barcode serial numbers and other basic customer-ID wristband data designed to enhance access control and security.

• Speeds up traffic flow, reduces labor costs, and improves access control through automation of event ticketing
• Improves the operating efficiency of ticket operations by providing easily analyzed data about ticket purchases and purchasers
• Compact wall-mount design makes it easy to install in cramped spaces

Unlike other direct-thermal printers in its class, the TDP-225W is extremely compact (a critical feature when space is limited) and supports full 6.5-inch OD wristband rolls right out of the box. The easy-to-use design features a spring-loaded center-biased wristband holder with a 1-inch core that supports the 6.5-inch OD rolls commonly sold by major wristband manufacturers.

Other outstanding features include an LCD that displays printer status, battery usage, set-up menus and error messages, along with USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity. The TDP-225W is small enough to fit in most desk areas, but also is designed to be wall-mounted at no extra cost.


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