Leading meat-processing plant in Moscow region installs TSC printers for product marking

Meat processing plant in Moscow for product marking_TTP-2410MT

Meat processing industry

Marking of raw materials and end products

TTP-2410MT Series


A meat processing plant outside of Moscow was in need of a full-scale technology makeover given the wide range of products being processed, the large number of partners distributing those products, and the demand for reliability and minimization of errors. 

A label printing system is used at all stages of the production process: marking of inputs; movement of products along the production line; during the thermal treatment process; prepacking; and packaging of the end product. It was a critical requirement to have printers located at the operator's marking area. 

The system met print quality requirements, but was characterized by a short service life, high maintenance costs and the frequent need to replace parts. In addition to higher maintenance costs, there were further losses due to reliability and downtime. 

When selecting a new printing system, the customer required greater system availability to meet the operational requirements of the production line and the company. A solution satisfying this requirement was offered by TSC's partner ABS Soft. MES by MEAT is a hardware and software package consisting of a major new release of their ERP system, a moisture-proof and impact-resistant industrial computer, and TSC's printing system. The TSC 2410MT printer series met the operational needs by providing high productivity, reliability and ruggedness. Currently, the TSC 2410МТ printers are used at all 16 stages of the production process.

• Significant reduction in the total cost of ownership of the printing system.
• Seamless integration of the equipment within the company's production line.
• Support of autonomous printing of multi-format labels to templates in accordance with the requirements of the largest retailers
• 100% software compatibility and easy programming

TTP-2410MT Printer Features:
The time-tested platform of the high-speed and robust TTP-2410MТ printer, features high productivity and supports heavy-duty workloads. A recent upgrade to the printer series includes the Thermal Smart Control™ printhead technology in combination with a faster processor and upgraded firmware. The Thermal Smart Control™ technology allows the printhead to track and precisely calculate the time needed for each pixel to be heated in order to provide the most accurate and high-quality image transfer regardless of the number of labels being printed.

The large 4.3" LCD touch panel not only increases an operator's productivity, but also allows fine-tuning and customization to meet customer requirements -- from managing the printing process to restricting the right of access to the equipment in the event of remote administration. 

About REMIT:
The REMIT meat-processing plant was designed and built in 2001 in the city of Podolsk and is one of the largest and most advanced businesses in the Moscow Region. The production capacity of the company is designed for a 70-ton daily output. Today, the finished goods with the REMIT brand comprise 300 items of fresh and processed meat products distributed through the largest federal networks - a network of own outlets and through more than 1,500 partner retail outlets. The company’s output has repeatedly won medals at international quality competitions for meat products.


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