Discontinued Product

TSC provides additional 5 years of technical support, repair service and spare parts after the announcement of the product discontinuation. The date of end of support/service/spare parts supply of discontinued products are listed below. TSC technical support and repair services are available for the following products until the last service date. Please contact your service representative for parts availability.

Product Model Service & Support Discontinuation Date Replacement Model
Industrial Barcode Printers ME240 Series 2025/12/31 MB240 Series /ML240 Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-2410MU Series 2025/12/31 MH240 Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-2410MT Series 2025/12/31 MH240 Series
Desktop Barcode Printers DA200 Series 2023/03/30 DA210-DA220 Series
Accessories KU-007 Plus 2023/09/30 N/A
Desktop Barcode Printers TA210 Series 2023/09/30 TE200 Series
Industrial Barcode Printers MX240 Series 2023/02/23 MX240P Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-384M 2020/12/31 TTP-286MT Series
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-2410M Pro/ TTP-346M Pro/ TTP-644M Pro 2020/12/31 MH240 Series
Desktop Barcode Printers TTP-245C/ TTP-343C 2020/12/31 TC Series
Desktop Barcode Printers TTP-244 Plus 2019/01/12 TTP-244 Pro
Industrial Barcode Printers TTP-268M Series 2020/12/31 TTP-2610MT Series
Mobile Barcode Printers M23 2018/09/13 Alpha-3R
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