How long are the battery working hours?

It is very difficult to give the precise number of hours it will last as the usage of the printer varies based on applications. However, the TDM-30 lasted more than 42 hours of printing receipts on a single battery charge; the TDM-20 lasted more than 17 hours of printing receipts on a single battery charge.

How much does the TDM printer weigh?

The TDM-30 weighs a mere 375 g including the battery. The TDM-20 weighs a mere 215 g including the battery.

What is or are the standard connectivity with the TDM series?

The TDM series is available as below: (Either one selected)
• USB 2.0 + MFi Bluetooth 5.0 + Passive NFC tag
• USB 2.0 + 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.2 + Passive NFC tag
Note: 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi will be ready soon.

What printer language does the printer support?

The TDM series supports TSPL-EZ (EPL2 and ZPL emulations) ESC-POS, CPCL emulation printer languages.

What types label can TDM print?

The TDM supports a wide range of label types. It can print on receipt papers, Die-Cut, receipt paper with black mark (in printing side or in non-printing side).

Can I do both direct and thermal transfer printing in TDM printers?

No. The TDM is a direct-thermal only printer.

What are the key benefits of the TDM compared to the competition?

The TDM printer has (1) the longest battery life in the market, (2) first in the industry to offer Dual Antenna technology and (3) drop resistant up to 5.9 feet (8.2 feet with optional IP54 Case).

What is the standard warranty?

The TDM has a 2 Year Parts (excluding print head and platen roller) and Labor (Return to Factory) standard manufacturer warranty. You can purchase the Service Option warranty that adds up to three years to your printer's original coverage within 30 days of your initial barcode printer purchase.

Can the print head and platen roller be replaced by the end user?

No. Please return the TDM unit to the reseller and our team of experts will make these replacements for you.

How can I buy the TDM printer?

To purchase a TDM printer, buyers can contact their local TSC reseller, or go to the website: to contact us.

How to adjust reference point by Diagnostic Tool?

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How to calibrating media by Diagnostic Tool?

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How to check the condition of the printhead?

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How to get BT MAC address with Communication Tool?

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How to setting Bluetooth by Diagnostic Tool?

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How to use BARTENED to download files and print them via Bluetooth device?

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How to use Printer Management to get alert log file?

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