Seria CPX4

Seria CPX4



How many labels can CPX4 Series print per ink tank?

With high yield ink tank, CPX4 Series is capable of delivering considerably more printout amount compared to others in its class at market.

In general condition (Image:4x3" 1200dpi,100 sheets x 50job per day, 7.5% duty, manual cleaning is excluded), CPX4 Series can print:
CPX4D: Average 45,000 sheets per ink tank (C,M,Y,K)
CPX4P: Average 32,000 sheets per ink tank (C,M,Y,K)

Are ink tanks refillable?

No, They are not, They are for one-time-use only.

What is the estimated cost to print a color label via CPX4 Series?

It depends upon the color label size and design. TSC provides a cost calculation service which can estimate the approximate cost for best ROI. Please contact TSC service center for further assistance.

Any feasible approach to adjust the printout color which differs from the original?

TSC provides the color matching service. Please contact TSC service center for further assistance.

Does TSC provide label design software which can generate bar code or text for CPX4 Series?

Tak, TSC provides the built-in software (BarTender UltraLite) which can generate the bar code, text or edit any label format.

Are TSC labels water-resistant?

Tak, TSC supports water-resistant labels - GHS compliant label (IJP 600 series).

Can I buy label or color ink tank from other resources other than TSC?

As for the label, highly recommend the TSC color inkjet IJP series labels which are certified and can meet the constant influx of new market demands.  
The ink tank only can be purchased from TSC, but not from others.