New TSC Printer Management helps
your printing job easier

TSC is pleased to introduce new TSC Printer Management (TPM).

1. Manage Multiple Devices
This is a plus version for an integrated tool, incorporating features that enable you to explore more than one printer's settings/status; change printers' settings; download graphics, fonts and firmware; create a printer bitmap font; and send additional commands to printers at the same time.

2. Printer Groups
You can create a printer group by three conditions (IP, interface and model name). After selecting a group, it will list the specific conditions for printers only.

3. Alert Function
This is used to monitor specific groups and specific printer status, and record them.

4. User Management
This is used to add user ID and password for this tool to protect the settings, as well as giving permission for this user.

5. Printer Manual Name
The "Manual Name" feature is used to give printers an alias, making it easier to identify a lot of different printers.

6. Export/Import Profiles
Export/import all the settings to another computer.