TTP-2410MT successfully installed at leading retailer in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

BIN DAWOOD Superstores, one of the leading Superstore Chains in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, replaced their existing printers by TSC's TTP-2410MT for the labeling of branded products.

This retailer chain is split into two brands, "Bindawood & Danube" and has 40 branches in three major cities and are in expanding mode. BIN DAWOOD continuously adds new products to their inventory lines to be able to meet day-to-day customer demands.

To meet this growth, they decided to search for a reliable technological solution that will help them to manage the daily inventory changes. Their objective was to find a 203 dpi heavy duty printer that could manage the customer flow given that their stores operate 24/7. They selected TTP-2410MT because it easily and perfectly matched the IT and in-store requirements:

  • High speed & energy efficiency
  • Reliable and longlife printhead
  • Plug-and-play Zebra™ and Eltron™ language emulation
  • Arabic fonts & JDA Integration

The PLUS factors provided by TSC and TSC reseller AFLAK Electronic Industries Co. Ltd are 3 years warranty as well as local and remote area Service & Support.

The BIN DAWOOD group uses the TTP-2410MT printer on production lines to label their own branded products as well as other manufacturer products. This allows them to control and monitor inventory and help reduce or eliminate data entry errors. For BIN DAWOOD, TSC barcode printers are a high-value and user-friendly tool to save time and money.

The printer ensures fast and clear printing with a shelf-sticking process. This is especially important during promotions and special offers, improving label readability. The easy-to-use, User Interface improves staff productivity, expediting workflow and improving operations e.g. in the Fresh Bakery.

So far 18 printers have been installed.